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Is your business in need of a high-quality shipping container to accommodate your goals? Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment offers a vast array of containers to deliver results in various industries. Of our wide selection, we offer 20-foot high-cube storage units, a model that provides increased height in addition to the benefits of the typical containers. As with all of our containers, these units can be customized to fit your needs specifically.  

Durable 20-Foot High-Cube Storage Containers

The 20-foot high-cube shipping container is a versatile and popular choice in container shipping and repurposing. Standing at a standard width of 8 feet and a length of 20 feet, these containers are distinguishable by their increased height, typically measuring 9 feet 6 inches tall compared to the standard 8 feet 6 inches. This additional vertical space offers valuable advantages in various applications.

In terms of specifications and features, the 20-foot high-cube container shares many characteristics with the standard model. Made of durable steel, this container is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and transportation stresses. The container features double doors at one end, with heavy-duty locking mechanisms for security. Additionally, it typically comes with forklift pockets and corner castings, facilitating easy handling and transportation. 

The extra height of the high-cube variant opens up a world of possibilities for customization across various industries. One common use is as portable storage solutions for businesses. Whether storing inventory, equipment, or personal belongings, the added vertical space allows for more efficient stacking, shelving, and organization. These containers are also frequently repurposed into on-site offices, offering compact yet functional workspaces for construction sites, events, or remote locations. Additionally, they serve as excellent platforms for pop-up retail shops, cafes, or exhibition spaces, providing eye-catching and customizable environments for businesses to showcase their products or services. 

Common Uses for High-Cube Shipping Containers

How can you utilize your 20-foot high-cube storage container? There are countless innovative ways to use a high-cube shipping container, so no matter what industry you’re in, your business can use these units to achieve a wide array of business goals. Discover a few of the many applications of these containers below! 

  • On-Site Construction Storage: High-cube containers serve as reliable on-site storage solutions during construction projects. Their extra vertical space accommodates taller construction materials, tools, and equipment, ensuring easy access and organization on job sites. The added height also allows users to install shelving to accommodate more items for these jobs. 
  • Workshops and Studios: These containers are transformed into functional workshops and studios for artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs. The added height allows for the installation of tall machinery, workbenches, and shelving, creating productive work environments that can accommodate more materials. 
  • Office Spaces: High-cube containers are repurposed into compact yet comfortable office spaces. With ample headroom, they can accommodate desks, chairs, storage cabinets, and other office furniture, providing businesses with cost-effective and customizable workspace solutions. 
  • Medical and Healthcare Facilities: High-cube containers are utilized as mobile medical and healthcare facilities in remote or underserved areas. The increased interior height allows for the installation of medical equipment, examination rooms, and patient beds, facilitating the delivery of essential healthcare services to communities in need. 
  • Inventory and Warehousing: High-cube containers are ideal for storage and warehousing purposes. Their spacious interiors, coupled with the additional height, enable efficient stacking of goods and materials, maximizing storage capacity and organization for businesses in various industries. Utilizing shelving can also make this the ideal space to organize your inventory. 

Why Trust Spinnaker for 20-Foot High-Cube Containers?

If you’re searching for a trusted source of high-cube containers, Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment is your go-to source for top-rated units. What differentiates us from our competitors and makes us the top choice for shipping containers? Learn about just a few of the reasons why Spinnaker is your business’s #1 source for container needs. 

  • Trusted Reputation Since 2000: Since its founding in 2000, Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment has been the premier source of shipping containers worldwide. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reputable supplier of new and used storage containers for rental or purchase. Because of our consistently high-quality supply, our new customers can rest assured that they will receive only the best products. 
  • Large Selection of Shipping Containers: At Spinnaker, we offer a wide array of shipping container sizes and specifications to choose from. Our extensive inventory includes 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot containers, as well as high-cube variants. Customers can also enjoy a variety of customization options to tailor the unit to their specific needs. 
  • Efficient Worldwide Delivery: No matter where in the world you’re located, Spinnaker can easily and efficiently deliver to your business. We have 250 global locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, allowing us to conveniently serve customers worldwide with top-tier container solutions. 
  • High Standards and Certifications: The quality of our containers is a point of pride for us at Spinnaker. Whether you opt for a new or used model, you can always trust that a Spinnaker container will meet the highest standards and provide unmatched results. In addition to following ISO container standards, our containers have T.I.R., C.S.C, and T.C.T. certifications and comply with the U.I.C. Registration. With these certifications, you can expect to receive a high-quality container from Spinnaker. 

Discover High-Quality 20-Foot High-Cube Shipping Containers

Ready to achieve your business goals with the help of a high-quality container from Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment? With the endless benefits of our 20-foot high-cube shipping containers, you can expect to conveniently address your business’s needs, allowing you to enhance your business operations with ease. Spinnaker is committed to providing reliable solutions for our customers, and we will work with you every step of the way to help you address your goals and concerns. Request a free quote online or call us today, and take the first step towards obtaining your dependable storage container! 

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