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Project Logistics for Freight Forwarders and Logistics Providers 

Spinnaker has over 25 years experience in supporting freight forwarders, shippers and NVOCCs by providing reliable high quality containers for project shipments.  

You can partner with us to organize the provision, delivery and quality inspection of the required volume of containers at the cargo origin. We can provide you a range of options to give the best economic outcome for the project container needs. We provide leasing, sales and guaranteed buy-back solutions for short- or long-term projects. 

Short Term Storage Solutions : plant refurbishment, shut down, cleaning. Our containers – a transportable, ubiquitous and safe solution 

Project Shipping Solutions : supply of containers as packaging with guaranteed buy-backs in global locations, slashing demurrage costs 

We can securely deliver your container requirements to the project site globally and ensure it arrives safely and according to your schedule. 

Case Studies

On Site Storage Case Study: 

Manufacturer client needs to store 600 tonnes of palletized raw material during 3 month rebuilding of large warehouse facility. Spinnaker delivers 30 20’ containers to the client’s facility. 3 months later containers are picked up. Safe, secure storage solves the short-term problem on site and at minimal costs compared to temporary buildings, trucking and handling to offsite storage. 

Project Shipment Case Study: 

Italian machine tool client is shipping a production line assembly to a sister company in USA. Spinnaker delivers 10 20’, 4 40’ and 6 40’ Hi Cube containers to the client’s facility. The production line is loaded into containers as it is dissembled and all tools and materials for the re-assembly. The loading takes 2 months. The project is shipped as S.O.C.s. Upon arrival in the USA and delivery by the shipping line to the sister company facility the containers stay on site during the re-assembly and commissioning project for a further 6 months. Spinnaker collects the containers from the factory site in the US and buys back the containers. The client saves thousands in demurrage costs and reduces the overall shipping and packaging expense of the project. 

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