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How Much do Portable Storage Containers Weigh?

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How Much Do Portable Storage Containers Weigh?

Is your business or job site in the market for portable storage leasing or buying options, knowing where to start to find the right container for your needs can be one of the most difficult aspects of the process. 

Especially if you’re not experienced in the area of portable storage, it can be hard to know not only what size of the portable container you need for your business, but also figure out the size and weight of the container when transporting or shipping inventory can also play a large role in determining with the container is right for you. 

Luckily for you, you’re already off to the right start! Working with Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment lets you and your business receive the highest quality portable storage container, and also gives you access to the most affordable rental and purchase prices in the industry. 

Spinnaker also strives to give our clients the right resources to pick the right type of container and tries to inform and educate our clients so they know what to expect from their container, and how to choose the right one for them and their unique business needs. 

How to Calculate the Weight of Your Portable Storage Container?

Knowing the storage container weight of your unit before you fill it with cargo, inventory, or equipment is extremely important when shopping around for commercial or professional uses. Knowing these factors is important not just for safety reasons, but also for logistical reasons. 

Though most storage container weights are standardized to be in accordance with state laws, knowing your weight will keep you from overloading your container and shipping it improperly. 

Before we get into the different weight measurements of storage containers, let’s discuss the different types of weight measurements involved with storage containers. 

One of these types of weight associated with mobile storage containers is the ‘payload weight’. This type of weight refers to the maximum amount of weight you can put into an empty storage container.

The ‘gross weight’ is the weight of the mobile container plus the maximum contents the unit can hold. 

The last type of weight is the ‘tare weight’. The term ‘tare weight’ refers to empty shipping container weight. This type is calculated by subtracting the payload weight from the maximum gross weight.

What is the Weight of a 20-foot Shipping Container?

The tare weight of a 20ft shipping container is generally about 5,071 lbs. The payload weight of a 20ft shipping container is 50,055 lbs, and the gross weight is 55,126 lbs. This means that a 20ft empty shipping container weighs 5,071 lbs by itself, and can hold over 50,000 lbs. 

As you can see, these storage containers hold a huge amount of weight, especially in comparison to the weight of the containers themselves. This makes them extremely durable and extremely sturdy. 

What is the Weight of a 40-foot Shipping Container?

The tare weight of a 40ft shipping container is 8,554 lbs. The payload weight of a 40ft storage container is 58,642 lbs, and the maximum gross weight is 67,196 lbs.

20-foot and 40-foot storage containers are some of the most popular types of storage containers in the industry, but you find some variations of each type along the way as well.

When you use Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment for your business’ mobile storage needs, you’ll receive not only the highest storage quality containers for the most affordable prices but also the most flexible renting and buying options – PLUS the best customer service experience from our expert and attentive team of portable storage professionals.

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