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How to Check a Portable Storage Container for Quality

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When looking to rent or buy a portable storage container for your business, you’re probably looking for a versatile storage solution, easy-to-use, and low cost. Whether you’re looking to store raw materials, excess inventory, or clothing for a retail business, you can do anything you want with your portable storage container. 

When picking out a portable storage container, you’ll want to make sure that the container you’re looking for is not only right for the needs of your business but also that it’s of the right quality. Whether or not your supplier claims to sell the best quality containers, you’ll always need to check that you’re receiving a container that is what your company claims it is – especially when looking at used containers. 

For those looking for quality portable storage containers, but who might not be sure what to look for to check your container for issues or damage, we’ve got the biggest things to look for to assess your container for durability, value, and quality

  • Don’t Believe Online Photos

Your portable storage container supplier, especially small companies who don’t have a lot of inventory, might combine photos of multiple different storage containers to make those online look like they’re in better condition than they are. 

Though you might think that you’re viewing just one container, you could be viewing multiple photos of the best parts of several containers framed to seem as if it’s just one. When looking at your container in person, make sure to compare it to what you’ve been advertised to make sure the quality is the same as what you’ve been presented with. 

Additionally, larger companies with large inventories might just post general photos of containers and not the actual ones you’ll be receiving. Make sure to cross-check the container to receive or view to make sure its quality lines up with the photo of the other container that’s been posted – especially if it’s a used one. 

  • Inspect the Exterior

Make sure you’re receiving the type of container you deserve by checking the interior and exterior of the container yourself. 

When inspecting the outside of a portable storage container, you’ll want to first walk around the unit to look for corrosion, rust, or damage. Look for corrosion or rust that might suggest that the container you’re looking at isn’t in as good of shape as it’s been presented to be. Check seals around edges, corners, and paint to look for additional signs of corrosion. 

  • Inspect the Interior

When checking the interior of your container, check out your unit’s door first. Check out its door fittings, gaskets, seals, and locking mechanisms to make sure there’s no sign of corrosion, and that they’re airtight and in good working condition. 

Once you’re inside the unit, lookout for signs of mold, or the smell of mold or dampness within the unit. This can indicate that the unit isn’t as watertight as it should be. Additionally, enter the container and close the door to look for any sign of light getting in, or if you see any cracks in your container.

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