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How to Clean Your Portable Storage Container

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Maintaining your portable storage container is an important part of your storage solutions, whether it’s short-term or long-term. When you decide to invest in a shipping container, you’ll want to keep it in the best condition possible so you never have to worry about the state of your container and your items.

Upon receiving your container, a quality, reliable company will provide you with an already spotless space, but knowing how to clean your portable storage container, either double-check when you first receive it or for long-term maintenance purposes, is crucial.

Step by Step Guide for Cleaning Storage Container

Check out our tips for the best ways to keep your container neat and tidy, no matter how long you’ll be using it.

Declutter first

Just like with any aspect of moving and storage, starting with decluttering is the best way to go. By kicking things off with a thorough declutter, you will have more space for what you really need, and you’ll feel a lot less overwhelmed by all the items you need to store. We all have plenty of belongings that accumulate over time in our living spaces. When it’s time to opt for a new storage option or use a portable storage container for moving purposes, eliminating some of that clutter can make the packing process much simpler and a lot less time-consuming.

Sort your belongings into categories – keep, sell, donate. You may also have a few items you can simply trash. Once you’ve ruled out what you no longer want or need, you can move forward with the items you’ll be storing in your container. Since you’ll have fewer items, there’s more room for the important things, meaning you’re not wasting any space. Pack everything up neatly in uniformly sized boxes. Clearly label the boxes so you can stay organized, another important aspect of maintaining your container’s cleanliness.

Wash thoroughly

When you first rent or buy a portable storage container, it will already be clean (if you’re working with a reliable company). Still, you may feel more comfortable giving your container a once-over before you place your belongings inside. Even if you don’t clean your container when you first acquire it, you’ll want to employ some of these cleaning tips for upkeep, if you’re keeping the container long-term.

Simply use water to rinse your container. If there are any spots of dirt, spray them down with water and use soap if necessary. If you use soap, make sure you thoroughly rinse afterward, then allow the area to dry completely before storing any items. You’ll want to make sure your container stays dry to prevent mold or mildew issues.

It’s also a good idea to sweep any debris from the floor of your storage container. This is a quick, easy step to maintain, but it’s very necessary as you may track dirt and debris onto the floor while going in and out of the container.

Additionally, the metal material of the container can be prone to rust. If you notice any small spots of rust, this can be addressed with white vinegar and steel wool to scrub. Only do this yourself for small amounts of rust; any larger areas should be addressed by a professional.

Keep an eye out for damage

As time goes on, your storage container may sustain some damage. The longer you have the container, especially sitting outside and exposed to the elements, the more likely your container will have some sort of damage, big or small. It’s best to stay on top of any potential blemishes and complete necessary repairs right away so they can be fixed before worsening.

It’s a smart idea to keep an eye out for holes, dents, and large spots of rust. Any areas that can cause potential deterioration should be handled by a professional as quickly as possible. You can reach out to the storage container company you rent from for guidance on these issues. Many problems can be exacerbated by weather, which is why it’s important to stay on top of your portable storage container’s condition.

Climate control

As mentioned before, the elements can cause damage to storage containers. Being outside can cause issues from water damage to bugs and everything in between. Humidity can cause damage to the items inside the storage unit, so having a container that offers ventilation and some sort of humidity control is important. It’s also advantageous to consider what level of insulation the material of the container provides. All these details can be discussed with the company before investing in your container.

Another aspect that sometimes gets forgotten is the roof of the storage container. The roof is exposed to the elements and can be covered in rain, snow, and ice. This can cause weathering to the roof of your container and, in turn, potential damage to your belongings. Make sure you check the top of your content regularly to ensure these natural factors do not create problems.

Keeping your container in the best condition

Being aware of the potential issues that can happen and preparing for them through cleaning and upkeep allows you to make the most of your portable storage container.

If you’re seeking a reliable company to provide you with a top-of-the-line storage unit, discover what Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment can offer. With global reach and reliable experts, you’re sure to find the storage solution you’ve been looking for!

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