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How to Customize Your Portable Storage Container with Accessories

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When it comes to looking for the perfect solution to your business or site’s storage issues, you might have the thought to buy shipping containers to store equipment or tools for your project, or to store excess inventory or product for your business. High cube shipping containers can provide your business with the perfect, low cost solution for all of your organizational and space problems, and can let you avoid a full expansion just yet as your business grows.

Portable Storage Unit for Sale

At Spinnaker, we know that your business needs more than just portable storage solutions, and that you will probably need to customize your container in some way to fit the needs of your organization. Whether you’re storing clothing, construction equipment, office furniture, or need shipping containers for mobile office use, portable storage containers can be easily customized to fit all of these needs.

Storage Container Accessories

Our imported shipping containers from Europe are easily outfitted with all of the accessories or to fit the requirements of your business. Customizing your storage solutions is the easy way to set your business up for success at a low cost. But what sort of accessories can be incorporated into a portable storage container?

  • Shelving

If you’re looking to store inventory, clothing, records, smaller boxes, or items that can be uniformly stacked, installing shelving into your portable storage container is a great way to upgrade your container’s features.

Whether you’re interested in the multi-use three high shelving option or want to design your own shelving, you’re able to outfit your container with whatever it may need with ease.

  • Lighting

Having easy access to the items you’ve stored is essential for keeping your business organized and running efficiently. Especially if you have a retail business, installing lighting in your storage container is very important to make sure it’s functionable and that you can see and organize everything you need to.

Adding lighting to your container can not only make it more functionable for your business, but the convenience of doing this is almost unmatched. After all, nobody wants to have to feel around in the dark for their things! You can even have your lighting pre-installed after you make your purchase so your container is good to go when it’s delivered to you.

  • Loading Ramps

If you’re storing office furniture, construction equipment, or just need a little extra something to make your container easier to use and more accessible, installing a ramp on your container can do just that. This will also save employees from doing any heavy lifting or from tripping or falling on the edge of the container when moving things in and out.

No matter what sort of storage container accessories you’re looking to outfit your future container with, Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment has everything you need to not only find the right shipping container for you, but to have all of the shipping container accessories at your fingertips to tailor your container to your needs.

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