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How to Store Electronics in a Portable Storage Container

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When your business is undergoing remodeling or an office revamp or move, you might wonder how best to store your electronics so that they’re kept safe and out of the way while things are underway. Portable storage containers make the perfect storage solution for everything your business might have, from furniture to excess inventory to old files, but can electronics also be kept safe in our containers? Learn more about how to safely store electronics in your container below.

Things to Take into Account When Storing Electronics

If you’re looking to store or move electronics using a portable storage container, you should always keep the vulnerability of these items in mind, no matter if they’re being transported or not. Always keep boxes or containers with electronics in them stored in a separate section or area from the other things you’ve got in your container.

Keeping electronics stored separately or sectioned off allows you to keep them safe and out of harm’s way, and will keep you from forgetting where they are or accidentally letting them get exposed to high temperatures.

Below are some of the most common variables that can cause harm to your electronics:

High Temperatures

If you’re storing your business’ electronics during the summer months, you’re going to want to watch out for possible exposure of your items to high temperatures. Continuous or elongated exposure to heat can cause damage to your electronic’s internal hardware, and shorten the lifespan of microchips, batteries, circuit boards, and more. If you’re using a portable storage container that isn’t insulated or temperature-controlled, try to avoid storing electronics in there for long periods, or for long enough that they might be impacted by high temperatures.


Another temperature factor to watch out for when storing your business’ electronics is humidity. Again, if you’re using an uninsulated container or a container that isn’t temperature controlled, the lifespan of your electronics’ internal hardware could be shortened by possible humidity from high temperatures. This can lead to malfunctions, short-circuiting, or condensation buildup in electronics.


When storing your electronic devices, not packing or storing them properly can lead to a buildup of dust, which can cause connectivity issues, heat build-up or overheating, or can compromise your cooling systems.

How to Store Your Electronics Safely

Storing your electronics safely makes all the difference between retaining your electronics and keeping them functioning at their highest level, and having them get damaged while packed up. When storing electronics, always remove their batteries and completely deep clean your systems before packing them up. Unplug everything and separate attachments from the main units so that nothing is compromised. You’ll also want to keep screens covered and cushioned in boxes to avoid damage and keep gaps and vents covered at all times.

Keeping your electronics safe and stored away responsibly is key to making sure they’re safe from damage, corrosion, and harm. Looking for the best portable storage container for your business’ storage needs? Use Spinnaker Leasing & Equipment for all of the best options to rent or buy a portable storage container.

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