Fleet Specifications - Dry Cargo Containers


Container Type

  20' Standard   40' Standard   40' High Cube
Weight & Payload Rating            
Tare Weight (Design)   2,130kg   3,580kg   3,780kg
Max Gross Weight:   30,4080kg   32,500kg   32,500kg
(Prior To 2013)       32,480kg   32,480kg
Max Payload   28,350kg   28,920kg   28,720kg

(Prior To 2013)

      26,820kg   26,640kg
Internal Dimensions            
Length:   5,898mm   12,032mm   12,032mm
Width:   2,352mm   2,352mm   2,352mm
Height:   2,393mm   2,393mm   2,698mm
Door Opening            
Width:    2,340mm   2,340mm    2,340mm 
Height:    2,280mm   2,280mm    2,585mm
Cube Capacity:   33.2m3   67.7m3   76.4m3