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Buy Shipping Container | Shipping and storage containers for sale - FAQ

How do I determine the quality of a container?

The construction and design of a container varies by manufacturer and by purchaser. Spinnaker has a strict TQM approach to its partner suppliers and inspects every single container it purchases not once but at numerous times during the manufacturing process. We only accept containers of the correct quality and specification for our clients. We also purchase for our leasing fleet so our standards and inspection regimes are the same as the large leasing companies. Our specifications are heavy duty and not reduced in quality to lower the price and we only use fully inspected and accredited manufacturers.

What standards are Spinnaker containers built to meet?

Spinnaker containers satisfy the following shipping container specs, requirements, and regulations in their latest editions,

  1. ISO Container Standards (1CC type)

ISO 668– Series 1 freight containers – Classification external dimensions and ratings

ISO 830– Terminology in relation to freight container

ISO 1161– Series 1 freight containers – Corner fittings Specification

ISO 1496-1– Series 1 freight containers – Specification and testing part 1: General cargo containers for general purposes –

ISO 6346 Freight containers – coding, identification and marking

  1. T.I.R. Certification

All the containers are certified and comply with “The Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under the cover of T.I.R. Carnets.” or “The Customs Convention on Containers.”

  1. C.S.C. Certification

All the containers will be certified and comply with the requirements of the “International Convention for the Safe Containers.”

  1. T.C.T. Certification

All exposed wooden components used for container will be treated to comply with the requirements of “Cargo Containers – Quarantine Aspects and Procedures” of the Commonwealth Department of Health, Australia.

  1. U.I.C. Registration

All the containers will be registered and comply with the “International Union of Railways.”

Box Quality

What is the maximum gross weight for a Spinnaker 20’ new container?

30,480 kgs 67,200 lbs

What is the tare weight of a Spinnaker 20’ new container?

(This is the weight of the empty box. Less weight means less material has been used to build the box.) Spinnaker 20’ dry containers have a minimum tare weight of 2,185 kg

How thick are the panels for the roof, door and front?

2.0 mm

How thick are the side panels?

For each of the five panels

2 x 2.0 mm outer

3 x 1.6 mm inner

How strong is the floor payload test?

Spinnaker uses sustainable bamboo plywood flooring.

7,260 kg

How many years is the paint guaranteed for?

5 years

What is the composition of the paint system?

Note especially the thickness of the Zinc rich primer


Zinc primer (2 parts) – 30 micron

Middle coat – 40 micron

Top coat – 40 micron

Total – 110 micron


Zinc primer (2 parts) – 20 micron

Base paint coat – 180 micron

Total – 200 micron

What are the special options for a box that are available?

Choose your own colour and logo

3-locking bar with rubber coated handle.

Grease fittings on door hinges.

High locking handles.

Fitted lock box.

Four – eight vents per side.

Fork pockets.

Polyurethane top-coating on white paint or very light RALs to protect from oil stains and other transit stains.

Polyurethane protective coating on the flooring to protect from oil penetration.

Where will my box be delivered?

Spinnaker has 20 years of working with the major shipping lines to ensure containers are moved from the factories in China to our markets in the most efficient way and on time. Our logistic team specializes in shipping and delivery of containers by ‘one way’ or ’empty’ shipping. We have a global network of 250 delivery locations, third party depot partners who will accept delivery on your behalf if you have no lifting facilities on site.

What is One Way Shipping?

One-way shipping is used to deliver most standard ISO equipment as it is the most cost-efficient way of moving containers. Containers are provided to our partner shipping lines for their use, then loaded with cargo at the point of origin, then used ‘one way’ to the delivery location. Upon arrival containers are emptied and then returned according to the delivery instructions we provide. The containers are new but will have been used on this one cargo leg to deliver cost effectively.

Empty Shipping

Specialized equipment and non-ISO equipment is usually moved by ’empty’ shipping. Spinnaker can arrange this as a service with or without customs clearance and arrangements at the cost of the customer.

What is the difference between a used and a new container?

Spinnaker operates a leasing fleet of marine containers. When those containers reach the end of their maritime working life, usually between 10 and 15 years, they are sold into the secondary market as a ‘Used’ container. The condition we sell these Used containers is predominantly ‘Cargo Worthy’. This condition is better than Wind and Watertight as together with being light and watertight, the floor must be generally intact, and the dents and signs of wear are strictly limited. The containers which are used can be used for conversion, one way-shipping or storage where the cosmetics of the appearance are second to concerns over price point.

A new container is part of our on-going purchasing at the factories in China and moved One Way into the markets we serve. We regularly build over 2000 containers every month both in our colours and specification and dedicated purchases on behalf of our customers. Other than the use by the shipping line en route these new containers are as they left the factory and are fully customizable to order.

Why should I consider a committed purchase through Spinnaker?

If you are in the market for new containers and you want to either guarantee the price, availability for a certain time or if you want to customize how the containers look with your own logo and colour scheme you should agree a committed purchase arrangement with Spinnaker. Your sales manager will provide a fully binding quote and contract for purchase so there are no surprises

What is the range of containers that Spinnaker supplies?

We sell used containers in the following sizes and types:

Dry Freight Containers:

20’, 40’, 40’ High Cube, 45’ High Cube

Special Containers:

Open Tops, Flat Racks, in 20’ 40’ sizes Reefers in 20’, 40’ and 40’ High Cube.

We sell new containers in the following sizes and types:

Dry Freight Containers:

20’, 20’ High Cube, 40’, 40’ High Cube, 45’ High Cube

Special Containers:

Open Sides: 20’, 20’ High Cube, 40’, 40’ High Cube

Double Doors: 20’, 20’ High Cube, 40’, 40’ High Cube

10’+10’ Duocons

Does Spinnaker provide credit terms?

Spinnaker provides credit to established customers with either 3 months of trading history and over $25,000 of purchases or against financial information provided. The Spinnaker Sales Manager will provide the approved credit limit once agreed and container releases are limited to those accounts within their agreed terms of payment and applicable credit limit. Our standard credit terms are 30 days from invoice.