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Grow Your Business With New 20ft 
Domestic Refrigerated Containers  

Cost effective and practical with a modern design, Spinnaker 20ft Domestic Refrigerated Containers provide safe storage for temperature sensitive, frozen and perishable goods. Used extensively by the agriculture, pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality and events industry to manage their cold chain the Spinnaker Frigotainers meet the most demanding quality standards. 

They can precisely control temperatures from -40C to +40C, +113°F to -85°F, using the industry-leading microprocessor-controlled Thermoking Magnum Plus.  

Our units are manufactured to meet food and pharmaceutical standards, allowing them to store a wide range of products, including food and drink, fresh fruit, ice cream, dairy, meat, fish, pharmaceutical/medical equipment, and many other products that require a controlled cold chain environment. 

Our industry-leading new production testing and inspection criteria ensure our containers are of the highest possible quality. They are built to perform consistently in all environments, from indoors to extreme outdoor conditions.  

The Magnum Plus provides an industry-low box temperature between -40°C and +40°C in ambient conditions up to +50°C. It offers fast pull-down, a homogenous floor spread, and the tightest temperature control available. You can also customize your order to match existing fleets and maintenance regimes. We also can provide Carrier, Starcool, Daikin or Thermo King machinery, to meet your specific needs. These leading brands offer worldwide availability for parts and service. 

We are happy to help you through the process of selecting how you or your customers needs are best met. The heavy-duty Spinnaker Frigotainers are all 3-phase powered and come with serious draw down ability to bring the stored commodities to their desired set point quickly and with the optimum se of energy. Machinery temperature setpoint parameters do not always deliver the required temperature immediately inside the Refrigerated Container. Temperature ranges could vary depending on machine type, ambient temperatures & humidity, type of commodity and commodity condition during loading. Please get in touch with your local Spinnaker representative for more information. 

  • Designed for safe storage of temperature sensitive commodities and frozen & perishable goods.  
  • Food-grade approved in most jurisdictions. 
  • Ideal for on-site long term and short-term temperature-controlled storage, alternative cold storage while the existing cold rooms are being maintained or cleaned. 
  • Strong, robust, insulated, and secure.  
  • Safe to operate and for your customers to use with ‘Butcher’ style fridge doors and not just traditional and difficult to operate container doors. They also feature interior lighting and emergency alarm and easy exit internal door fittings. 
  • State-of-the art design and low power consumption makes Frigotainer units highly efficient. 
  • Spinnaker’s industry leading new production testing and inspection criteria ensures the highest quality container. 
  • Can be ordered with Carrier, Starcool, Daikin or Thermo King machinery, all with 3 Phase Power. These leading brands offer worldwide availability for parts and service. 
  • Provisioned for track & trace features and remote monitoring with simple modular add-ons for services provided by Thermoking, Daikin and other third-party services. 
  • Stainless steel lining is resistant to bacteria and the flat non-slip floor ensures safe operation with pallet jacks and simple to clean. 
  • Low heat leakage values due to high grade insulation and internal thermal barrier curtain inside the door opening. 
  • R-452A refrigerant in the Thermo King unit provides a new, environmentally sensible and future-compliant refrigerant for transportation applications. 
  • Backed up by Spinnaker’s global network of supply locations and dedicated sales and customer support teams. 
  • Available globally, contact us today! 

20ft Refrigerated Containers For Sale Or Lease 

Spinnaker 20ft Refrigerated Containers are the most compact commonly used temperature-controlled units available for purchase, financing or lease from our global offering. They are efficient and practical with a modern design, low noise generation, an average potential temperature range of -40C to +40C, +113°F to -85°F, and low power consumption, dependent on machinery chosen. 

They come equipped with lockable doors on one end and durable T-rail construction flooring designed for forklift and pallet jack use. Available globally, they can be ordered with Carrier, Starcool, Daikin, or Thermo King machinery. 

Hygienic food grade stainless steel interior panels, flat aluminum floors, 1-hand opening doors, internal lighting and panic alarm are all standard features on the Spinnaker Frigotainers. Perfect for the short or long term storage of chill and frozen food products, pharmaceuticals, beverages, ingredients, chemicals, medicines and vaccines. Can also be used for cold testing components and engineering products. Designed to store and transport a wide range of perishable goods, including dairy, fruit and vegetables, beverages, frozen foods, and temperature-sensitive equipment, our 20ft Refrigerated Containers can typically hold up to x10 euro pallets or x9 metric pallets per layer.  Widely used by both large and small organizations, Spinnaker Refrigerated Containers are bacteria resistant and valuable to companies operating in many industries, including shipping, rail, supermarkets, wholesalers, events companies, container dealers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. We offer lease solutions that are customized to meet our customer’s unique needs. 

We sell Reefers in 20ft and 40ft lengths globally. Their portable nature makes them suitable for long-term and short-term use, including safely storing temporary stock on-site to accommodate seasonal peaks. At Spinnaker, we provide customers with access to our Refrigerated Containers via our unique global network of over 200 third-party-owned depots and facilities across 35 countries.  

Contact your local Spinnaker Office for more details and learn about the Frigotainer today! 

Frigotainer Use Cases 


For Pharmaceutical, Bio and Life Sciences Storage applications you can store critical supplies at optimum temperatures. Cold chain control from end-to-end relies on being able to reliably maintain the commodities in a consistent temperature-controlled environment throughout its journey. 

Reliable Temperature Control  

Transporting pharmaceutical products between locations with drastic external temperature variations can be challenging. A temperature variation of as little as a few degrees can be enough to compromise an entire shipment, potentially creating significant losses and reputational damage. However, we can help significantly reduce this risk as Spinnaker Reefers are designed to withstand even the most extreme environments. Plus Magnum plus refrigeration can be GDP certified. With potential temperatures ranging between -40C and +40C, +113°F to -85°F it is possible to precisely control the internal climate of our containers to provide the optimum environment for pharmaceutical goods. 

Advanced Technology 

Built with the latest microprocessors to maintain a consistent temperature, Spinnaker Refrigerated Containers are bacteria resistant, efficient, practical, and have low noise generation. Available globally, they can be ordered with Carrier, Starcool, Daikin, or Thermo King machinery. 

Additional Track & Trace 

Track & trace devices can be installed on request. This feature enables the operator to control and change parameters remotely and monitor for malfunctions and other vital data. 

Our Environmental Commitment  

Our dedicated team works tirelessly with manufacturers to continuously assess and, when possible, execute environmentally-friendly modifications to the designs of our containers and their build processes.  

Cold Chain Management 

During the transportation journey, numerous things can occur, including temperature changes that may cause damage. By utilizing these refrigerated containers, organizations can maintain the quality of their frozen items and be ready for any interruption that may occur. Biological substances and drugs likewise need a spot for storage and delivery that can keep the temperature at a certain point so the quality of the item or cargo doesn’t change. 

Aside from storage and transportation, refrigerated containers from Spinnaker can likewise be utilized as alternative cold storage while the existing cold room is being fixed or clean. 

Manuals, Specifications & Warranties

Engine Models Specifications 

Spec. for 20’Reefer Frigotainers (20’RF)

External dimensions of 20’RF
  • Length: 6,058 mm
  • Width: 2,438 mm
  • Height: 2,591 mm
Internal dimensions of 20’RF
  • Length:5,450 mm
  • Width:2,290 mm
  • Height:2,286 mm
Door openings of 20’RF
  • Width:2,294 mm
  • Heightat sill:2,230 mm
  • Cargo access height: 2,230 mm
Weights & ratings of 20’RF
  • Max. Gross Weight:30,480 kg
  • Tare weight:2,830 kg
  • Max. payload: 27,650

Internal cubic capacity of 20’RF: 28.6 CU.M

Spec. for 40’HC Reefer Frigotainers (40’RFH) 

External dimensions of 40’RFH
  • Length:12,192 mm
  • Width:2,438 mm
  • Height:2,896 mm
Internal dimensions of 40’RFH
  • Length: 11,584 mm
  • Width: 2,290 mm
  • Height:2,591 mm
Door openings of 40’RFH
  • Width:2,294 mm
  • Height at sill:2,535 mm
  • Cargo access height:2,535mm
Weights & ratings of 40’RFH
  • Max. Gross Weight:34,000 kg
  • Tare weight:4,520 kg
  • Max. Payload:29,560 kg

Internal cubic capacity of 40’RFH: 68.8 CUM

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