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Spinnaker Delivered Proven Investment Returns

Spinnaker offers a solid investment vehicle with consistent, sustainable double digit returns to qualified investors.

Spinnaker is a responsive, flexible, and entrepreneurial container resales company.

Combining leasing and trading with efficient logistics, we deliver unique value to our investors, our growing global customer base, and our partners.

We are the largest North America-based specialized container reseller. We lease over 120,000 containers per year and sell over 20,000 storage containers each year.

We Have Grown by Delivering Value

Spinnaker is #1 US based specialist container reseller



Experts in container sales and leasing


$40 million

Annual sales of used and new containers


$250 million

Successful container investments originated on behalf of our investors

  • Significant growth
  • Responsive global service
  • For container buyers, investors, shipping lines, and NVOCCs
  • Strong investor relationships
  • Committed funding
  • Industry-standard tracking and billing system

SLC originates and manages leasing container portfolios on behalf of third-party institutional and private investors in Europe and USA.


$250 million

Successful container investments originated on behalf of our investors


Stand-alone pools



2019 leasing billings

120,000 TEU

Containers under management predominantly on long-term lease to Alpha Liner top 20 lines

Leases with

10 of Top 20 lines


6 of Top 10 carriers by TEU


$38 million

2019 sales revenue

SES acts as specialized operational and sales agent for SLC.

  • We purchase containers, used and new from factories in China
  • Move them to Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America
  • Sell them through domestic sales channels established over the last 20 years.

By combining new and used containers, including SLC lease container off-hires, SES delivers higher-than-market-average resale values on the residuals to its investors.

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We are the largest North America-based specialized new container provider

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