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What are the Best Modifications for Portable Storage Containers?

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When renting or buying portable storage containers, you’re looking for an affordable and efficient way to store your materials and items so that they are kept safe but remain accessible to your business. Portable storage containers provide the most reliable and cost-effective storage options for your business, no matter what your needs for them might be. At the end of the day, no matter the function of your business, portable storage containers can be just what you’re looking for to solve your storage issues easily and effectively.

Even with portable storage containers providing users with amazing storage solutions just as they are, many who purchase or rent their storage containers choose to invest in improvements to make their storage containers even more efficient than they already are for you. Whether your container is new or used, you can make modifications to your unit to attune them even more so to your needs.

So what are some of the modifications you can enjoy with your portable storage containers? Let’s investigate:

    • Windows & Doors

A lot of people make the mistake of just thinking of a portable storage container as a big box to throw raw materials or products in. Though they can serve this purpose and just be a space to store your things, you might be missing out on added potential by just limiting yourself to this sort of use. Adding windows and doors to storage containers allow you to be used for a whole new world of purposes, and make general container use even easier than usual. Plus, if you’re looking to store lots of materials that you will need to access on a regular basis, a door is a great modification to add. This will let you quickly enter and exit your container to retrieve the things you or your workers need.

Having doors and windows installed in a portable storage container you’ve purchased can also increase your container’s resale value if you’re interested in selling it after you’ve finished your use with it.

    • Ventilation & Heating

If you’re transporting or storing materials that require ventilation or heating, portable storage containers might surprise you in their capabilities of storing such items with a couple of modifications. With additional installation and temperature control, you are able to easily keep your space ventilated or climate controlled within your unit.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways you can add custom modifications to your storage containers. By adding shelving or cabinets to your portable storage containers, you can keep things incredibly organized and maximize your total storage space in each individual unit.

    • Lighting

Having proper lighting in your portable storage container can make a huge difference for convenience and overall usefulness – especially for portable storage containers that are used frequently, or if you’re storing tools or equipment that would be easier deal with or differentiated with some choice lighting. This will also make your workers’ lives easier,, especially if they’re going in and out of containers at night. You can also always install skylights in your container to make them even more convenient.

For all of your portable storage container needs, make sure to see what Spinnaker Equipment can do for you and your business. Whether you’re looking for containers to rent or buy, we’ve got everything you’re looking for and the best service in the industry.

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