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How to Maximize Space in a Portable Storage Container?

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Cargo shipping containers are an excellent asset for any business, offering you extra space to store the items you need. For many companies, these shipping containers are a must in order to effectively work and complete daily operations. But once you decide to invest in this storage solution, how can you ensure you’re making the most of your space and your investment? If you’re asking yourself this question, we have the answers for you. Follow our top steps to capitalize on the area you have and make sure your space doesn’t go to waste!

Make the most of your portable storage unit

When you choose to buy or lease a storage container, making the most of your space is key. With our tips, you can have the confidence to pack your unit compactly and effectively.

Create a blueprint

Before placing anything inside your storage container, start with a plan that allows you to create the best layout possible. Begin by measuring how much space you have, then measure the items you want to put inside. Try to create a map of where things should go; this can be as vague or as detailed as you wish. The more careful you are, the easier it will likely be to set everything up as effectively as possible – but it’s okay if you only have a rough idea of placement before putting items in. As long as you plan to move forward, you’re in good shape.

Not only is it helpful to have a blueprint for this step, but it also will be helpful when you need to find items and take them out later on. By mapping out your placement and creating a diagram, you essentially create an inventory of what’s stored inside, saving you from a lot of guesswork in the future.

Work vertically

As you begin to place items inside your shipping container, remember to work beyond your floor space. The best way to maximize the area in your container is to utilize all your space efficiently – and that can be done successfully by working upwards. Installing shelves allows you to fit much more inside your container, and it enables easy access to all your items. Rather than stacking and struggling to access things in the middle of the pile, shelves and racks let you conveniently grab whatever you’re storing.

When using shelves, still remember to keep your heaviest items on the bottom to prevent any collapse. You’ll want to make sure you install sturdy shelving that is fastened correctly and securely.

Use organizational tools

In any storage container, one of the best ways to make effective use of your space is to stay organized. Start with the basics – make sure you keep everything clearly labeled in large, bold letters. If you have any items that need to be put in boxes, consider opting for clear plastic containers that allow you to see inside. Having your items visible to you will make it much easier to find them when needed. Ideally, you should also label both the front and the sides of your boxes or containers so you can find what you need from any angle.

As mentioned before, shelves and racks are a great way to use your space effectively. These solutions also encourage better organization. Items such as filing cabinets, drawers, or other containers can provide you with a neat, straightforward organization that also keeps your items in the best condition possible.

You can also organize productively by prioritizing your items and placing the most frequently needed items closest to the door of the storage unit. Your less-needed items can go towards the back of the container instead since those ones will be more difficult to access.

Maintain easy access

You may be tempted while loading your storage container to fill it to capacity. Perhaps this feels like the best usage of your space, but in fact, this will end up creating accessibility issues as you try to take items in and out of your container. Allowing space for a walkable path in the unit is crucial for making sure you can conveniently use it without needing to shift things around each time you enter the unit.

Consider if you’ll need to use a small ladder or step stool inside the container to access the items on the top of your shelves. If you will require one, ensure you have enough room to place that tool in the walkway you create. These walkways prevent you from needing to constantly move things around the unit after working so hard to organize it when you’ve first loaded it up.

Rearrange as needed

If you’re having trouble fitting everything into your unit, don’t resort to haphazardly throwing items in and trying to squeeze the last of them into your unit. Although it may be frustrating, try sorting your items in different configurations to ensure you’re placing everything in the most beneficial way possible. This is also why it comes in handy to create the diagram of the unit ahead of time so you don’t have to spend too much time moving things around.

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