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Spinnaker is the largest US-based reseller of new containers. We offer both new and used containers, available through over 250 locations around the world for fast delivery and local service.

Spinnaker offers several unique advantages over other container providers:

  • Large inventory and container options – many sizes, colors, and configurations available on both new and used units
  • High quality container construction
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • Competitive prices, with financing and options
  • Responsive sales and service staff
  • Expert container advice
  • Industry recognized service attitude

Right box, right place, right price

New Containers

Spinnaker sells new shipping and storage containers in a wide variety of types, sizes, and colors. Our containers meet all international shipping and customs regulations and are inspected by a certified container inspection company to ensure the highest quality. To enable easy branding by our customers, Spinnaker containers do not carry large logo decals and most are neutral in color.

Used Containers

We buy and sell used containers in various sizes and types. Spinnaker can supply used shipping and storage containers to buy at competitive prices that meet your requested standard, whether you require used containers for international or domestic shipping, secure ground level storage, or another purpose.

Our Containers Meet All Market Needs

Standard and specialized designs in all lengths

40'HC SESU RAL 7035 door view

High Cube

Double Doors

Open Sides



Right Box, Right Place, Right Price

We deliver a longer working life:

Full ISO specification:

Tare Weight: 2110 Kgs vs 2040 Kgs or less

Roof Panels: 2.00 mm gauge Corten steel
outer panels vs 1.6 mm throughout

We deliver a strong secure box to reduce theft:

Doors: Our doors are 2.00 mm gauge corten steel with 3 corrugations compared to 1.6mm gauge offered by some suppliers.

We deliver a higher quality experience for your customers:

Floor: Heavy duty bamboo floor with maximum load of 7260 kgs vs plywood floors of 5,460 kgs for many suppliers.

We deliver the best rust protection so the box looks great longer:

Total Paint thickness of 110 microns

  • Zinc primer 30μ vs 10μ
  • Middle Coat 40μ
  • Top Coat 40μ vs 30μ

With a 5 Year Guarantee, not 2 years
Less likely to fade over time in the sunlight.

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Spinnaker Quality vs Low Quality

Spinnaker High Quality Container Low Quality Container Sold by Some Suppliers

Longer Working Life
Stronger more durable roof panel Stronger, more durable side panels
Full profile of corner posts and header
Thickness (T) 2.00mm outer T 1.6 mm inner Thickness (T) 1.6mm
Weak and prone to rust penetration

Heavy Gauge Steel
Great Rigidity
2,110 kgs 2,040 kgs
70 kgs less material

Highest-Grade Floor Payload
Bamboo floor 7,260 kgs Low-quality marine ply 5,460 kgs
Possible floor failure under heavy point load

Premium Quality Paint & Corrosion Resistance
Zinc primer 30μ
Middle coat 40μ
Top coat 40μ
5-year guarantee
Zinc primer 10μ
Middle coat 40μ
Top coat 30μ
2-year guarantee
Very poor rust protection

Theft-Proof, Near-Indestructible Doors
T 2.0mm with 3 corrugations (45mm depth) T 1.6 mm with 3 corrugations (45mm depth)
Weak and cheap appearance

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We are the largest North America-based specialized new container provider

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